Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Movie Elements: Casablanca Wedding

I've seen this movie many times and each time it gets better and better.  "Play it again, Sam!"
Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes
At times a movie can have such an emotional tug on our heart strings that it seems befitting to try and re-create the environment, feeling or ambiance of the movie to bring back that feeling. The movie Casablanca is a classic movie to be seen. With the theme of complicated love, it may not be a brides first choice for inspiration, but the Moroccan elements of the movie may be.


Casablanca ... Rick's Cafe` (Bogie).  LOVE this movie!

casablanca cafe ON THE SET: CASABLANCA

Even in black and white, the details of the scenes from the quintessential doors of Rick's Cafe to the lanterns and the possibilities of rich reds floating everywhere (if the movie were in color) that Morocco is known for, a bride could draw inspiration by re-creating these elements.


Sometimes the sequel is better than the original.

~Stay Sweet

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