Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Real Wedding: Niambi + Eli

Niambi and Elisha jumped the broom (literally) in May, and their wedding was quite an event. Niambi came to us in need of some planning and design (kind of, because she was super organized and creative and totally made us her side-kicks.)

She is spunky, loquacious,(Google it) and so fun to be around, and when we weren't quoting some obscure TV Show we were laughing to the point of tears about something. I will miss working with you Niambi!!

It was so fun to work with a color palette I traditionally would have not leaned towards, but it REALLY does go with Eli and Niambi's personalities and we made it happen!

Niambi bedazzled her own shoes, took a ton of Snapple bottles and turned them into art, and folded each napkin into a flower. I would kidnap or hire her (in that order) in a minute! :)

Anyway, to the meat of the post: the photos. Everyone knows once I start typing or talking.....hehe.

BG Productions is a down to earth and fun team to work with and I must say they captured the day! I've been checking out their work, and I love how they know exactly what finishes to put on each wedding to bring it to life. Great job guys! :) 

Main Vendors:

Photography: BG Productions 
Venue, Music and Catering: Milton Ridge 
Planning + Design: DIYva Designs, LLC
Florals: DIYva Designs, LLC 
Invitations: DIYva Designs, LLC
Flipbooks: Pics n' Motions, LLC
Cake: Fluffy Thoughts Cakes 

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  1. Sugar,
    Kudos to you & your team for putting the fabulous finishing touches on my daughter's wedding. Our family had a great time and everything was beautifully & professionally done!
    Montien Miller


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