Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Modern Vintage Stool

Hey there! So.....my friend/photographer/artist friend Erika Layne and I have started an Etsy Shop called SugarLayne where we will sell a collected bunch of refurbed or original pieces, as well as our WOTO[s] ---Wood Images---check them out---- and do some really cool DIY projects to post on here; some of which will be used in the weddings DIYva produces......

One of our first projects is this adorable little stool that Erika re-upholstered. We found it on at one of our favorite Thirft-Digs around the way, and the faded red velvet had to go. We loved the modern chevron pattern fabric, so we got a fat swatch and bam! What do you think? (Available on our Etsy shop.)

I cant WAIT to show you the other pieces we are putting together!


  1. LOVE this tutorial...and the finished look!

  2. Cuteness! I would sit my tush on there any time and feel like royalty, I'm sure.


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