Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Garden Wedding Inspiration

Ok. So one of my clients said "you should start posting the design plans you create for us" . While I cannot publish my design plans until after I publish the actual wedding, I can at least show folks what's brewing in the studio in a general sense, why not?!

Today's budding design plan is for Jen + Jon, who will be getting married next year and hired us to plan + design something playful, colorful, and Eco-conscious. Um, done!

Here is a starter board I created just to lcok down the colors and overall feel. I do not usually work with inspiration boards, because they are stock full of what has already been done, but they sure are helpful, so I suppose I should shut up and get on it. lol.

I am playing with some Art Deco elements for their stationery, with a strong modern text--- (Jon's gotta have it.)---- below, and hopefully we can pull off a killer eco-garden wedding! I love the fact that Jen thinks outside of the box, and wants to incorporate some paper cranes! Yum:)


  1. Oh man!!! SO BEAUTIFULLLLLLL! I want to photograph. I'm so glad you're sharing your ideas because you're so creative and come up with the most original artsy stuff. Good job on your client for getting you to post about it


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