Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cake Pops to DIE for!

Our Sponsor from Pink Treasure Chest Boutique, has become my new best friend. When these cake pops arrived for the launch in perfect condition I almost melted. Then I tasted one. (Or two, can't quite recall....don't judge me.) Melissa made strawberry cake from scratch and covered it with quality chocolate in our jade green logo color and dusted it with edible gold glitter. I hate strawberry cake. But I actually loved hers. Alot of cake-pops you get are wayyyy too gooey because people use too much frosting in the mix, but this is our official cake-pop lady forever for our events. The packaging was a high priority for her team; every cake pop was individually wrapped and therefore unscathed.  

She also sent us some glittery gold cupcake wrappers, to be featured at a later date; we did not have time to put them on the cupcakes before the door burst open and guests flew in at record speed. (hehe.) 

This is a blatant lie. 

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