Friday, August 27, 2010

Belle Terre: Natural Body Care Products!

Another great item that we were fortunate enough to have in our Launch Party Swag Bags was some hand-made natural soap from Belle Terre. Julia was kind enough to send us some samples of our own! I am in love with the smell of my Minty Fresh bar, it feels cool to the skin and refreshing afterwards. ----I sound like a commercial here, but hey we didn't put just ANYTHING into our swag bags. 

I am all for natural products like the ones you can find at the Belle Terre Etsy Shop, I mean, does the idea of slathering rendered animal fat all over your body sound appealing to you? If not, you may have done just that this morning in the shower without even knowing it. Sodium tallowate, a combination of lye and animal fat,  is a very common ingredient in soap. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a bar without it  in a conventional grocery store or pharmacy. All the major companies use it. According to the cosmetic database, there are about 215 soaps on the market containing this unsavory component.

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