Sunday, August 8, 2010

Belle Terra Cosmetics: A Sugar and Art Exclusive

I hate make-up. I hate the idea of falling asleep with GUNK on my eyes and face, the bumps that are inevitable therefore to, and the constant worry of particles getting into my eyes or smudged un-sexily on my face throughout the day.
BUT I recently acquired some eyeshadow that I HAD to blog about. I will show you the different uses for this 100% Mineral Eyeshadow (they carry foundations, the works, but all I wear is eyeshadow)------and I bet you will want it!
As Lisa Wise from Tear Drop Love stopped by to leave me some jewelry for the Swag Bags at our launch event, I sat her in a chair and created this quick demo for you!!!
You can purchase Bella Terra online HERE, but bet your bottom dollar when DIYva gets a storefront we will have this product in stock!!! :)


  1. Really cool stuff. Where can I buy?

  2. I addded a link up at the top of the post, thanks for reminding me!! :) (

  3. This is to die for literally!! I want pink...

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  5. Thanks Stela! ---@ April, YOU? I want like every color. I keep making excuses not to go to the mall because I know I will stalk the kiosk. LOL

  6. This is too cool. Really! All purpose. Great post.


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