Friday, July 23, 2010

Real Wedding: Jason & Vinny

We had much too much fun working with Jason and Vinny to plan and design a perfect travel themed wedding. The beautiful couple has been literally around the world together and wanted to tie the knot in the same style! With the much needed help of our amazing interns Livy and Dior, we pulled together this beautiful wedding for the sweet couple. (Um.....can we say HOURS of crafting and printing ? ----with a bottle of wine of course. lol)

We created an airplane with their initials on it as the model number, along with some vintage aviation goggles and helmets for a photo-booth that the guests LOVED. -----So much that one of them um, danced with it? lol.

We also got to work with some of the BEST vendors around, including the lovely San Fransisco based Ben Chrisman and Erin Reed whose wedding in Mexico we will be crashing. Sigh. No, really though, Ben and Erin. hehe.

We got to meet Holly Chapple, the florist who doesn't stop smiling ----she went above and beyond to provide some jaw-dropping florals and lended us some of the travel-themed props that you see in the pics below.

Planning/Design: DIYva Designs, LLC 
Venue: Oxon Hill Manor
Caterer: Main Event Caterers (Michelle Fishman)
Photography: Ben Chrisman and Erin Reed
Florist: Holly Heider Chapple
Lighting: DaVinci Florist
Cake: Patisserie Poupon
Ceremony Musician: Chris Dunn
DJ: Evan Reitmeyer 
                                                   Vinny is BEAUTIFUL, always smiling.
                                           Her dress was so intricate and it fit her perfectly.
                                                                  The bride and groom. :)
Seriously? Who thinks up a shot like this? 

For the table numbers, there was the name of a country, to correspond with their luggage claim tickets...

We did America, France, and Indonesia for the dessert bar, and I took a vintage globe and put the word TREATS in front of it. :) 
Our cupcakes from scratch were gone in like, 60 seconds. lol. 
The JV-627 (Jason & Vinny + Their wedding date)
We danced with the bride. (and a few other folks too)-----you know we like to boogie! 
Can you see him dipping the bride in the distance? Perfect shot once again. 


  1. Loved every picture.....Every pix is priceless.

    Ben & erin are awesome.

  2. beautiful color schemes! and omg i love that sofa chair at the top pic! The whole thing just looks wondrous!

  3. Sugar, you are such a talented artist and you pulled together the design elements of our wedding wonderfully! Our friends can't stop talking about the luggage tag placecards. And Nar is such a master of organization! You are both a gem. Thank you, and thank you Dior and Livy, for making our wedding so special.

  4. Aww Thanks Vinny:) It was so fun working with you!


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