Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Food Truck Phenomenon

A mobile restaurant? What kind of a crazy, outlandish idea is that? A genius one! Food trucks have been taking big cities (starting in none other than my home state, CA) by storm for a while now, but just recently, they have gotten some MAJOR attention in DC! For a city just barely breaking into the foodie scene, these trucks have definitely upped DC's food game by a few levels.

Aside from being a great idea, these trucks can actually be an awesome way to cater your next event. Most of them are available for rent and can be secured for just about any function. The idea behind these trucks is providing the public with quality eats without the major operating costs of a restaurant. They're on wheels so you better believe that they make their way all over the city ad they disclose their locations via twitter. Loyal foodie fans keep track of their favorite trucks by keeping a close eye on their twitter pages, and either follow the trucks, or wait until they arrive in a convenient location, and scoop up their eats there. YUM!

Here is a list of some of the local trucks in DC!

SweetFlow - Compliments of the ever so popular SweetGreen Chain in the DMV.

Fojol Brothers- Tasty Indian Fare

Curbside Cupcakes- For your sweet tooth!

DC Slices - A mobile Pizza Kitchen

District Taco - Mexican Food

Rebel Heroes- A Banh Mi Mobile

and my newest find Sweetbites that serves a variety of desserts!!

Maybe one of them will cater our Launch Party!

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