Thursday, June 3, 2010

C'mon Vogue...

Ok, so the new 9-5 has me running around like a chicken with its head cut off (for lack of better cheesy analogies), therefore, my posts have been dwindling, but fear not! Here I am, back with a vengeance!

Our latest event is a travel themed wedding with a lot of cool elements being implemented. We're really excited to help plan and design this one, but I'm particularly excited about one aspect of the event. Our bride to be wants to incorporate a photo booth guest book during the course of her big day. Basically, we'll be creating a photo booth, complete with props and black and white pictures, so guests can sign and personalize and leave for the bride and groom. Of course,our design shall be revealed at a later date, but I wanted to introduce the idea, since it's being implemented in so many different events. Below are some photo booth ideas that I loveee and had to share! Enjoy!


  1. One word... HOT!!!!! Very creative!!! I want it at my wedding too! (that is whenever I get married lol)


  2. You ladies created something beyond my wildest dreams! Jason and I LOVE looking at the guestbook - it's one of our most cherished mementos from the wedding. xoxox


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