Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bob Marley Painting. Delish.

I have been a'busy folks! I know I keep saying that so hush. Right now I am pumped up on personality juice (coffee) which I don't normally drink but my mind is tired so you know how that goes. Aside from meeting some cool people this week, I have been finishing up a Bob Marley painting that someone ordered and here it is. I used tissue to make his locks, and this heinous old green sweater that I had worn until the seams came undone-----ok TMI-----to make his hat.

I LOVE Marley!!!:)

Ok that's my yum-yum for the day! I am off to drop him off, and get started on a fondant cake that we are making for someone's birthday this weekend.......(and then I'm throwing on my get-down shoes ---as if I do anything more than a wine-induced two-step---and taking my friend Jill out for a DC good time because she is here from Puerto Rico!)

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  1. This is the dopeness!!!! My husband loves it!!!


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