Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ouch! It's Rebecca & Rachel Crouch!

These sibling artists are so talented it almost hurts! lol. When I taste the visual elixirs of sisters  Rachel D. Crouch , and Rebecca Crouch , I am immediately inspired. The fulgent, rich colors that they  have made to dance on each canvas tell a story of culture, depth, belonging. 

The Crouch's obeisance to the president in their Obama collections are of adulate commemoration, in the form of poetic paint strokes and color mixture. The poetry Rececca writes brings each piece to life in your mind as you absorb the meaning like her personal little sponge. 

Check out the detail, the variation of technique from acrylic to charcoal, to scratch board. 

This is Rachel's Work:

Rebecca's Work:


  1. WOW! Just BEAUTIFUL! Makes me want to take some ART CLASSES! :o)

  2. They do custom work. Their contact info is as follows: http://www.rebeccaDcrouch.com

    i'm def. gonna order some for myself as well!


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