Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's all About the Paper-Cut...

Happy Valentine's Day! I won't overload your senses with images of hearts and such; there is enough of that on every single blog you have/will visit today. I do believe my lovely partner Nar is whipping up a batch of her DELISH treats for us to see---well, for me to taste and you to see, because I will straight up bojangle for a cupcake---Today, I wanted to treat you to images from my favorite artist. Yes, I said favorite.
Elsa Mora is to me the modern day Frida Kahlo; exquisitely self-expressive through heart-wrenching details and metaphorical images that make you think about the meaning behind each piece. She is from Cuba (living in L.A))---and I am dying to meet her one day, just to talk about her unique craft and perchance see her work!!! The detail that she puts into each paper-cut that you see below is astounding! I purposely did not add the meaning of each piece, please visit her blog for that. I have NEVER called an artist my favorite (because of my many obsessions)---but alas; I have found her...! She also does illustrations and dolls AND has an amazing fashion blog ; ALL worth LOVING.(Then there's her dollhouses, paintings, jewelry, and self-help articles.---I will feature her quite frequently, too much for one post! --- I hope to have this type of archive of my work as I progress as an artist. LOVE YOU ELSITA!!!)
Enjoy, and let me know what you think:)


  1. Now this is freaking awesome!!!! I love it!

  2. Elsa Mora's paper art is breathtaking to say the least. What an "Artist!" However, I have seen some of Sugar Bailey's paper art and creativity and can say with confidence that she is"Awesome, too". She should display more of "HER" art projects and let the world know how truly divalicious she is with her UNIQUE and LABOR OF LOVE AND DETAILED ARTISTIC CREATIONS.

    Love ya


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