Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sprinkles Cupcakes, Eat Your Heart Out!

Someone once told me that anything it its miniature version is automatically considered cute. This statement proves especially true for one of my favorite treats...cupcakes!! Ever since the cupcake craze started, I've been on the front of the train, trying new recipes, decorating ideas and trying to avoid paying $4 a cupcake by doing it myself! I really hope this fad never ends because I want a cupcake bar at my bridal shower!! Yea, I'm one of those girls. The ones that plan their weddings before they're actually what?! Check out my Valentine's Day cupcakes with chocolate decorations I made myself!

First, I melted chocolate in a double boiler, and piped out shapes of hearts, x's and o's and any other thing I could manage to "draw". Then I put the chocolate in the freezer and 5 minutes later, voila!

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