Wednesday, February 10, 2010


While I finish up a painting and a bridal headpiece for two clients, I thought I would post some pics of a cool project I undertook a little while ago.
My love of baking (and mostly devouring cavity-inducing cakes and treats)---led me to try my hands at fondant cakes. I always admired the skill it takes to create an edible sculpture such as a fondant cakes, you know like the ones you see on 'Ace of Cakes' and the likes? It would be awesome if I could offer our brides a fondant cake for their wedding, on top of the other amazing crafts they get for their special day! (Of course this would take a little time to learn and master)
Well after researching and trying different fondant and cake recipes, (as they MUST be made from scratch---store brought fondant is just icky)----I found the perfect recipes, downloaded a picture of a really nice Coach Purse that I thought would look cool as a cake, and this is what I created: What do you think?

This took me a while, and there are still some things I need to prefect, but it tasted AMAZING and that's all that matters! I tried some simpler cakes, too:
It is sooo fun I totally suggest getting messy (but clean) in your kitchen with some fondant, and you can practice on a boxed cake too!

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