Monday, February 22, 2010

A Babyshower!

Hey loves! We had an amazing time planning this babyshower! Tell me what you think of the decor.

I made a delish fondant cake with my from scratch recipes, like pound cake, fresh strawberries, and buttercreme between the layers.....its a 'Baby Tub" lol.

Fresh roses and fresh-squeezed lemonade....
Caramel apples are one of the Mommy-to-be's favorite, so I made some gourmet ones. I kept the caramel soft for those with sensitive teeth. A little one year old at the event took a liking to the one on the end and when guests weren't looking, she stuck her little finger in the sweet stuff. LOL

For favors, my coasters were requested, and I will post about the images I chose/used next.

To decorate, I used a 'Diaper/Onsie Garland" all over the house instead of balloons and streamers, because they are reusable! Ain't I eco-friendly!

I made a bar of "Strawberry 'Tini's" for our sweet momma and her guests. It was a hit.


  1. I love the decor. The deserts were not only looked good enough to eat but, were all eaten because they were so good.

  2. I LOVEEEE IT!!! You are so creative!!!
    Whats in the Strawberry Tini's? Mmmmm...

  3. I loved was grrreat!!!

  4. You did a great job V..keep up the good work gurly we going places!! Umm note I said "we". See you soon for my photo/painting!! ;-) xoxox

  5. Hey thanks guys!!! Trucks, I put pound cake, fresh whipped cream, and strawberries in those fattening little martini glasses. hehe


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