Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Amrita Makes Me Wanna Singh!!

One of my favorite things is being able to buy something, especially jewelry, for a decent price and have people think it cost a fortune. (See my earlier post which included my criteria for picking out the right wallet). These days, there are so many crap accessories to choose from, I mean, I could go into Forever 21 and pick out 15 pieces for 50 dollars, but I know full well that not only will I have to replace the piece in 2 weeks, but my finger will also be turning a strange shade of green. In my quest for inexpensive jewels, I have come across Amrita Singh, designer of all amazing things Bollywood and Indian inspired; in regards to jewelery of course. Her stuff has been around since 2003, hasn't gone crazily mainstream yet. Here are some of my favorite pieces from Ms. Singh. Enjoy!

With a simple dress, these necklaces would pop!

These earrings are so old world stylish and only $14!!

I have ONE word of advice while shopping Amrita Singh...DO NOT, buy full price! Her stuff is always on the great designer sale sites for a fraction of the price as on her website or in stores. If you want more info about where to find this stuff, just ask and you shall receive!! Great! I am now craving jewelry!

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