Friday, January 29, 2010

Can I Paint THIS on your walls?!

Oh, before you go! I need some people to volunteer to let me paint like this on their walls!!!
Check out my new design find; from Styley Walls, some new art deco vinyl wall mounts for your dining room, bedroom, entrance hallway, or whatever. I was thinking if I painted this in the entrance hallway, little hooks could go in the wall for coat hanging at the end of each branch. YUMMMM!


  1. I loveeeeeee these! Too bad I'm moving!

  2. Well my darling, we are moving too, BUT the upcoming baby's room has blank walls... we plan to paint and sure enough, Schlink and I were just talking about these designs!!! So bring it on Miss Bailey, I will volunteer!

  3. OMG My Sugar surprised me Friday night and when I got home I had a pretty tree on our dining room wall. It's AWESOME!!!


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