Friday, January 29, 2010

A Funky Dress

Happy Friday peeps! I hope you all enjoy your weekend: I will be in Atlantic City with my girlfriend Monica, celebrating her 25th Birthday (HAHA)
What do you think of this Gaultier dress Rihanna was spotted wearing in France a few days ago at the European Music Awards in Cannes, France? I think I'm confused; once the lace sends and that silver piece begins I go from My Fair Lady to Star Wars and there is no relaxation period. The transition is kind of harsh, BUT I like where they started. Her stylist Mariel Haenn has pretty much CREATED the celebrity that surrounds Rihanna (well, besides her black eye tendencies) so it is VERY rare that I don't like what the child is wearing. What about you?


  1. Like the feathers but the silver is throwing me off

  2. is she wearing a disco ball bottom???? her tat is fly though <:::: that's the only points she getting for this outfit....sorry dude


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