Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays: The Bridesmaid.

You are doing one of two things right now if you are a woman, on the eve of Thanksgiving.
a) You are sweaty and cooking (likely with a glass of wine, and some music or loud offspring diddling in the background.)
b) You are starving yourself because tomorrow you are going to eat like a pig and it's nobody's business but your own. (and everyone reading this blog if they can identify you.)

I am so about to interrupt your glutenous doings; we are going to make some changes to SugarandArt.

Starting with....(drum or wooden spoon roll)....WEDDING WEDNESDAYS! ---Basically, some fun tips, favor ideas, and all things wedding related. We get a lot of traffic from soon-to-be-I-doers, so it's about time we actually make this a semi-consistent wedding blog. (SEMI. We still want to post about EVERYTHING art & design related.) 

Ok so we do not only focus on wedings, but let's face it; they are fun and give people like me (COCD)--Creative Obsessive Compulsive Disorder---- a chance to be as creative as possible when it comes to fashion and design.

I have seen some HORRRIBBLEE bridesmaids gowns. Let's face it; you don't want your sexy BFF looking better than you on your big day. But do you have to do her like this?!:
What the heck was she thinking? I wouldn't have even smiled. We wouldn't even be FRIENDS after this. I wonder if I squeeze her hind-parts will I hear an accordion......ok ok.

There are PLENTY of affordable, sexy, fun dresses that you can slap onto your friends on your wedding day. Make sure it's something that looks good on their body type (have some variation in the style if not the colors) ----and you will have some happy bridesmaids! Take a gander at these, handmade bridesmaid dresses than will make your friends look HOT next to you.

I can see this at an eco-chic winter or fall wedding (it's distressed wool) Guess what? UNDER $300.00 from my favorite indie designer Chabri.

Getting married this spring/summer? Having a laid back wedding? Keep it simple, or dress cotton dress it up a tad with up-do's and long silver or gold earrings. (This one is also from Chabri) 

Semi-Formal shindig? Taffetta looks good on ALL body types, depending on the cut of the fabric. All of these designers do custom work, so you can flex the style around. This one is from yystudio.
 This is a sleek, sexy bridesmaid gown for the fall, good for your voluptuous friend who likes to show those curves! (And might also make a good possible mate for your husband-to-be's groomsman you paired her with.....oh, tmi?) This one is from Lirola. I LOVE her work.


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