Monday, December 2, 2013

Rustic Winter Centerpieces with Sugar

Hello! :) It is that time of year! Eggnog, Pine Trees (or plastic wanna-bees like mine) --- and Holiday Decor!! Recently Erika and I made our way down to the local wholesaler from whom I purchase some of my wedding/ event decor needs. It was freezing in the cooler, but who cares when you are picking out some flowers?!

This arrangement is a sample for one of the corporate holiday parties that I am designing, but it can really be used to spruce up your boring dinner table this holiday season---not assuming it's boring but if you're anything like me there is a fruit bowl and some crumbs for everyday ambiance.

Anyhoo. Anyone who knows me is aware that I am completely self taught, so floral arranging is really just an art to me; I like things to be very organic and loose, but you can play around with your form. You may find that you hate arranging flowers, or completely love it! The hardest part; knowing how much of what to buy!

Here is what I brought:
Spray Roses, White Roses, Hydrangea

Dusty Miller, Brunia, Kochia (Silver) 

Some type of damn berries, Wheat, Dried Pomegranates, Dried Lotus Pods

These Bark containers fit the rustic theme I was going for, and the floral foam, once very wet, will hold the flowers in place exactly where I want them and allow me to use less flowers. 
If you have time, it makes sense to unwrap everything, and snip all of the ends, and put all of your flowers in fresh cool water--- (warm water for roses if you want them to open up fast like an easy date. hehe)

As much as I love Hydrangea, they have to be in water 100% of the time, or they will wither fast. I do not usually put them in floral foam because they die fast this way, so if you use them, skip the foam!

I start with my fillers around the edges, then build it through the center, and go back to add more fillers. OR, whatever you plan to take up the most space with, start there. 

If you can see past my chipped nails (hey I am an artiste!) --- you will see that I am massaging my Dusty Miller into a better shape, these little hairy leaves feel so good! 

No foam necessary for these little vases; they are small enough to hold the shape of the flowers for me! :) 


A little baby one!

This is my little Jayda-Bear!!! 

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