Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DIYva Dish: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Printable Will you be my Bridesmaid Card
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Of course your best friend since the 9th grade knows she is a shoe-in for the made-of-honor gig and your office comrade has already assisted you with picking out your wedding colors and suggested some venues, so she knows she will be on your bridesmaids list. Even if your ladies already know they are on your bridesmaids list, it's always nice to personalize the invitation.  Give them a formal invitation by creating a gift that is unique to your style or friendship. If you like to bake, ask them with some treats. Make a kit with your color swatches and wedding design inspiration or personalize something you know they would love to use.  The possibilities are endless.

~Stay Sweet

1. DIY a gift box w/ wedding details
DIY cupcake in a jar
2. DIY cupcakes in a jar
Will You Be My Bridesmaid -Wedding Party Candlegram - Soy Candle - Wine Bottle Candle - Eco-friendly Giftware - Greeting Card
3. DIY a candle
Will you be my bridesmaid necklace Pom pom bee doo
4. DIY a necklace


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