Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Themespiration: Unconventional Cake Toppers

The wedding cake can be a focal point for the wedding's theme and design, be let's be honest...who really gets to taste the cake at the end of the reception? I always plan to get a bite, but between dancing with the guests, updating my Instagram with photos of the new couple and myself of course...who can remember? But with these unconventional cake toppers, guests will be drawn to the touch of whimsy that their eye will be glued to the sweet treat all night.  So re-consider the standard miniature doll like impressions of the bride and groom or the traditional "Mr. & Mrs." and let these cake toppers inspire you.

~ Stay Sweet

1. Make your answer known!

simple cake topper
2. Spell out your love with your favorite game pieces

Personalized Wedding Cake Topper - Best Day Ever
3. Express how you feel

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