Wednesday, September 25, 2013

E-Session for 2013 Great Bridal Scav Hunt Winners: Eileen + Brian

Eyegasm alert! So as everyone knows, we are in the final throes of giving away a $50,000 DC Wedding for Great Bridal Scavenger Hunt winners (coming back this year!!).

Our adorable, kind-hearted winners Eileen and Brian, had their Engagement Session with Eyewonder Photography recently and it was BANANAS. Do you see why we had to have Eyewonder participate?! They are pure artists. Can you look at these and not tear up? Ok, I can't, but only because we have been working on this for so long and I couldn't think of a couple sweeter or more deserving than these two. This was shot at Policy, where one night during karaoke, Brian proposed!! ----and WORK those red heels, Eileen!

Also, how cute is it that these are the outfits they both wore when they first met at the Black Cat? LOVE it. Wait till you see their theme come to life!! :) Cannot wait to share this wedding in a few weeks!!!! 



  1. These are ALLL AH-MAZING!! Congrats!

  2. Eileen and I couldn't be happier with these!!! -Brian


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