Sunday, May 9, 2010

Le Salon Rouge Illustrations

So I created some more illustrations for my Le Salon Rouge line, and added two more characters to the line. Here are all of the ones I have so far, the newest members are the first few pictures, some of which are children, or Le Rouge Academy:) Some of them you may have seen but someone emailed me and asked me to post them all (oh, and they will be available in our Etsy Shoppe this summer)~!

I can't wait to share a new D.I.Y project with you, it was a gift I made for Nar who just had a birthday this weekend, so I couldn't post it last week because it was a surprise! Which one of these do you like the most and why? Any suggestions for characters?


  1. I like all of them but I particulary like the second lady from the bottom. Looks like she has a piece od vinyl as a hair piece!!! DOPE!! ;-)


  2. Sugar.....I Love Love Love these ladies!! I am totally in love with Pamela (I think..the gal with the green bra?) I want to hang her in my house and cannot WAIT till these are available. You are a creative GENIUS!
    xoxoxo Renee

    (P.S. - I don't have an account with any of your profile options so I had to post as anonymous =( Sorry)


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