Friday, May 14, 2010

Beach Body Anyone: Blog Love!

We're all aware that Summer is right around the corner. Heck, we're reminded every time we pass by the racks of bathing suits on sale at virtually every store. For some people (ahem Sugar), Summer is a happy time. They can't wait to peel off the extras, slip into something slinky and frolic in the summer social scenes. For others (like myself), Summer causes panic, small anxiety attacks and crash diets. About a year ago after trying EVERY trick and fad diet in the book, I was finally convinced that the only way to lose weight healthily and consistently is to exercises and eat nutritiously (duh!).

This grand realization has transformed me into somewhat of a fitness fanatic. I try and work out as regularly as possible and I make an effort to stay away from dangerous foods. Obviously, I am far from an expert, so I like to consult with those who are by reading, blogs, talking to nutritionists and working with personal trainers. Some have been helpful, while others have not. One resource I came across recently, has been particularly exciting, so I want to share! The brains behind The Fitnessista , is Gina, a trainer with a real passion for working out and healthy, delicious foods. She blogs about working out, eating right and provides her readers with workout plans, tips and recipes to reach their inner Fittnessistas / Fittnessistos.

What's special about Gina's blog is her personality. Each post is full of spunk and her excitement and energy transcends. It's awesome and I'm hooked, so check her out and hope you enjoy her as much as I do!

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