Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Will YOU Shellac?

There is a new Sheriff coming to town this May. In salons across the world, women will be getting Shellac-ed. No one hates more than I do, to get their nails done, and BAM a week later, you are all chipped up around the edges, and explaining yourself to strangers.."Seriously, I JUST got them done..." ---Well for me as an artist, my nails chip in the same DAY. lol.

There is a new polish, unveiled during Fashion Week in NYC, called Shellac, that is supposedly the Hulk of your average nail polish. It is created with a gel-based formula that promises to go un-chipped for two weeks.

"Soak-off gels look like polish but last longer, in part because they are cured onto the nail with an ultraviolet lamp. The gel must be applied and removed by a professional, and the procedures cost more than standard ones.
A manicurist paints on a base coat, two color coats and top coat, just as she would with regular nail lacquer. But after each coat, the soak-off gel is cured briefly under an ultraviolet light box, so the client leaves with impeccably dry nails. Goodbye to flip-flops in the snow postpedicure." - NY Times 
Sounds good right? Not according to some professionals who think that the polish can actually damage the nails, as soaking the polish off can take up to 25 minutes, and THEN needs to be filed off. Is it worth it?  I at least want to try it out. lol. 

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