Monday, April 19, 2010

My Day with Sevan Photography:)

I was lucky enough to score a bit of time with Shannon Evans from Sevan Photography , for whom we are planning an amazing launch party this summer! Sevan is waaaaay established already but they are about to take a very artistic and unique approach to 'presenting' their work to clients. I cannot WAIT to post about what they are doing, after the party. Yum!
 Anyhoo----we met up to discuss her event, and I ended up whipping out a bunch of questions and basically turning it into an interview. Don't ya love me?! lol. (Scroll down for the interview.)

Oh, and looky here, I did a little 'editing' of my own to a nice shot of Shannon:


Sugar: Where did you study photography? 
Shannon:  I took a black and white film class when I was studying journalism at Howard University. 

Sugar:What did you do to gain so much knowledge in this area?
Shannon: I read a lot and I'm constantly looking at photographs to figure out what I like and what I don't like and the reasons why. 

Sugar: When did you become interested in photography?  
Shannon: Since I was young, I've always had a camera. When I look at old photographs that I've taken, I always had a style that's similar to the way that I shoot now. I just never made the connection when I was younger. I thought it was something that everyone did.

Sugar: When did your career start? 
Shannon: I've been shooting for a few years, but I finally had the courage to quit my full time job in March of 2009. 
Sugar: Why is Photography important to you?
Shannon: Photography is my life. I look at the world completely differently now. I know that doesn't really answer why it's important, but it's such a huge part of me that I can't imagine life without it. It's like asking, "Why is your arm important?" Ya know?
Sugar: Who or what influenced you to become a photographer? 
Shannon: There honestly wasn't a who or what that influenced me initially. It was one of those things that clicked in class. I just nonchalantly said I was going to do photography one day and I've been blessed enough to do it. However, one of my inspirations is Gordon Parks. Not just because he was a kick ass photographer, but because he allowed his creativity to stretch across so many different mediums. He simply lived to create

Sugar: Do you believe in the expression “A picture is worth 1,000 words”?  
Shannon: It's a very true expression, but the most beautiful part about it is that the "1,000 words" are usually different for everyone. 

Sugar: Do you have a favorite photograph?  
Shannon: I definitely don't have a favorite. My moods and interests change constantly and what I like at any given time usually reflects those things. It's the same way I feel about any art form. 

Sugar: Do you think that a person must possess talent to capture emotion and expression in a picture? 
Shannon: I think talent is important, but passion is more important. It also works if you have something in your mind that you want to say. The camera will have a way of capturing. The technical stuff can always be learned, but if you don't feel it in the depths of your soul, perfect lighting is useless. 

Sugar: Do you have a special style in your photographs that can single you out like strokes in a painting?  
Shannon: No, definitely not. I always try to tell a story, how I achieve that isn't always the same. There are probably some similarities to all the photographs that I've done, but I haven't made a mental note of them.

 Sugar: What makes a good photographer in your opinion? 
Shannon:  I think a good photographer loves what they do. They're passionate. 

Sugar: In your opinion, what makes photography an art?  
Shannon: Photography is art because it is an expression. Richard Pryor once said, "Art is the ability to tell the truth about oneself, even when it hurts." I think you can find a lot of that in photography. 

 Sugar: What motivates you to do what you do?   
Shannon: Being able to capture something in a way that no on else could motivates me. It's my voice. I've written all my life and photography is an extension of that. Sometimes I can't find the words, so being able to show it allows m to express my innermost thoughts. 


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  1. Great interview and based on Sevan's work her star is only going to shine brighter in the future.


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