Friday, April 16, 2010

Fashion Friday: Khaki Mojito

So I just realized it's starting to rain outside, and that is usually when I crawl into a hole and peel myself apart layer by layer but I am in a social mood, especially after talking my throat sore at a networking event last night with Nar. NetParty has officially landed in D.C, and it was very classy. I think we got snapped in pictures more than anything, but I will wait to see what pops up on the

Here is your Fashion Friday treat----I'm always available to post this hehe. We don't want to  'hire' a blogger, we want all of our content to be original, and directly from our fingertips to your lovely eyes. So when we have let's say, eight events to design for (I can't WAIT for the website to be ready)------please forgive us if we post sporadically......Have a great weekend!!!


  1. yes freakin love these looks!! Those shoes are to die for. The dress is fresh! And that watch...I don't even like watches...but very pretty! Sugar's a pro! =)

  2. She most certainly is a Pro! Go Sugar B!


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