Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pillow Talk...

All I want in my life right now are some decorative pillows for my new couch at home! O.K., let's be serious, there are about a million other things I want, but I REALLY want pillows! Being the anal retentive (but fabulous) individual that I am, my halfway furnished apartment bothers me immensely. I know, I just moved in last week, but I so desperately want my place to instantly look like it belongs on the cover of some swanky home design magazine!

After shopping for throw pillows in a bunch of different stores, I realized that I loveee the heavily beaded DKNY ones I found at Bed Bath and Beyond, but thanks to Donna Karen and her popularity, each freakin' pillow cost as much as a week's worth of groceries! After much debate and the realization that I need to eat to survive, I did what I always do when the stores have failed me...I hopped online!

I'm still shopping, but I found these awesome handmade pillow covers, straight from India that I definitely wanted to share with you! Here are a few of my faves and a link to the ETSY shop I found them on!

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