Thursday, March 11, 2010

NARtini Anyone?!

Ok, so for some time now, I've been absolutely obsessed with the idea of signature cocktails at special events. Just think of how much fun it would be to come up with a recipe, a design, name and description and to tie it all in with some aspect of your event! Well, whatever, it sounds exciting to me! The signature cocktail thing is kind of a new thing, but the general idea is having one drink that sort of represents your function. For example, if it's Briana's Birthday Bash next Saturday and Bri's beverage of choice is champagne (mine too!) and her fave color is burgundy, she may want to feature Briana's Burgundy Bellinis as her signature cocktail. She'll of course serve them in fabulous champagne flutes and make sure they come close to some sort of reddish hue. Not only is it an awesome idea, but it improves the aesthetics of the entire event and makes everyone jealous, because honestly, who doesn't want a drink named after themselves?!

Now a lot of you already knew about the signature cocktail trend, but did you know that you can now register your cocktail at CocktailRight and make sure that your original recipe (if it is in fact original) can never be stolen without your permission. So basically, even though Betty was eyeing those bellinis and her favorite color is also burgundy, she's going to have to come up with a different drink for her shindig next weekend!

Oh, and you BETTER believe we'll be having a signature cocktail at the launch party! Dirty DIYva Martinis? (I'll work on the name later!)

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