Friday, March 26, 2010

Fashion Friday: Blueberry Champagne

Happy Friday! I hope that your week was as productive as mine; and I want you to all take a sip of champagne and relax....speaking of which, here is my Fashion Friday Look.

If you are invited to a wedding this spring, you might want to go for a look like this; it's upscale casual and the unusual color palette is quite enticing. I like the look of the fedora hat. Short or long hair both look amazing; just perch the hat slightly to the side and you're a hot sexy thang:)

Ok I'm off to ride in the car for six hours (can you feel me smiling? Didn't think so)---- we are going to visit family in North Carolina. Muah!


  1. This has "Sugar's" Style written all over it LMAO I love that blue hat I wouldnt have put it with that dress but I can totally see it looking good.


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