Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DIYva Stamps!

I am busy as hell right now: planning an event for a client, -----(a Chick Baby Shower which I can't WAIT to show you my plans for)----amongst a million other things but it's a GOOD type of busy. Despite the fact, I ALWAYS have time to cram a craft down your throat! I found out how to make my own stamp last week and I'm waaaaaay too excited. I owe life-long obeisance to the gods of art for this find of mine. Ok so I like to make cards and invitations and yadayada. (I say yadayada often enough to make anyone question my intelligence but I assure you it is because I talk the way I type: WAY too fast) ---anyway I found that stamps are not only very generic and obvious, but expensive for no real reason. After a wedding last year I was making a scrapbook for the bride, and I dished out a heart-attack inducing $50.00 on stamp paraphernalia. Eew. So this year, I'm carving my own. You heard me. CARVING my own. (Me + Sharp Object. Cringe now.)

What you do is you order a Stamp Making Kit here (it is called the Speedy-Carve by Speedball), and you simply use the scalpel thing-ker-bob that comes in the kit to carve whatever your heart desires into the rubber mat. You trace (the package comes with some basic shapes and flowers etc.)----or hand sketch what you like, then carve out (slowly; this thing is sharp and hard to maneuver)---the background so that only the shape you want the stamp to be is elevated. I am sorry I didn't take pictures of my original sketch, and me carving the darn stamp: I get into my zone. Won't happen again!

I created some orchids (see below) which I plan to make trees, other flowers, logos, etc. and stamp my way to a new soul. Can you imagine? I think I'm going to use these on business cards for a totally unique and rustic look, personalized Thank You and Birthday Cards, and it is original artwork! What do you think? As you can see, I think paint-trays are soooo over-rated. just put a good dollop of paint in the table and stick your finger in it like I did. (Use paintbrushes for no other reason than to look good on your blog.)
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