Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh, gooooodness I want this now....

I WILL have this dress, the designer contacted me and offered me a SWEEET deal that I cannot refuse. I am ordering it in pastel pink for our launch party. Look out now!

You know, I had it all figured out when I started this blog. I had my posts in chronological order, I have a gazillion things I've made or painted in a neat little pile waiting to be 'featured' like obedient children (and we know those don't exist anymore)-----and yet my true nature took over anyway. I am a free spirit and an empath to the highest degree, and certain things move me at any random time and BAM! there I go, off like a bullet to the object of my desire. Which leads me to this dress from Chabri on Etsy:

This dress was made for me. I don't think you understand. When you meet your soul-mate you just know. I felt that way when I met my husband (who I call Dr. Manwine)----but of course I didn't tell him that as I would have been labeled a weirdo---- which I am he just didn't need to know it yet. hehe. But seriously, isn't this soooooo Grecian goddess? Imagine walking into a cookout this summer clad in this bad boy. It seems like music would start playing, the Mariah Carey Mystery Fan would blow my hair about my head, and a heavenly light would illuminate my tresses. (Ok so I'm a tad theatrical)-----but I want this made for me. Now. Today.

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  1. Awesome!! Thanks so much for featuring my dress! It can come in any summery wonderful color! It makes me so happy to see excitement come from one of my pieces! Thanks so much!! XOXO


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