Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Immaculate Miguel-----I mean Immaculate You:)

Sooooo, the very first Dominican Supermodel, Miguel Perdomo will be headlining a brand new fashion collection called Immaculate You, by former celebrity designer/stylist Isa Fuller. Fuller has worked with the likes of Mariah Carey, Missy Elliott, R. Kelly---do I need to go on?

Immaculate You was founded as an urban fashion house in 2004 with the first collection of the brand, Immaculate You being introduced in Los Angeles, California in 2008. During that first year, the brand grossed just over $60,000 in internet sales, and has been worn publicly by T-Pain, Lil Wayne, and David Beckham. (YUM!)---The brand has also been featured by contestants on Fox's hit television show 'So You Think You Can Dance?' ---(which, actually, I thought I could dance until those show-offs got on TV.)

Sugar (meeee!) has been granted access to this invitation only event just to take great pictures and tell you all what I see!!! I can't wait to see what pieces Isa has planned for my fashion-thirsty eyes! I hope I'm not too busy staring at Perdomo's---uh---walking style--to take pics. hehe. hey, take a look at him yourself! Shoot.

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  1. Very nice!!! Thanks so much and I can't wait to meet you when we reschedule the launch!


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