Saturday, November 26, 2011

DIY Magazine Mirror

I love making things with paper. I recently took a round mirror I had sitting around (Got it for like $15.00 from Marshall's this one time at Band Camp) ----and I pulled like two old wedding magazines apart page by page and hot glued them around the edge to cover the heinous blue and green mosaic border. It's really a great idea and this thing is huge; its the first thing you see on my newly painted yellow living room walls and I love it! If you took a bunch of smaller round mirrors, you could have a few of these going up your stairs in a cool pattern, and alternate between black and white and color.

Photography via Skye Media:)

Started with a hideous, cheap blue mosaic mirror

Ripped up a few old Bridal magazines
Hot Glued the rolled up pages all around (make sure you roll from corner to corner)


  1. I'm a little late at viewing this peice of art work but great job! I can't wait to start on my magazine mirror!


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