Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Movie Elements: Coming to America

coming to america original sabatta June 1988: Coming to America Came to America

This 1980's movie has become an iconic romantic comedy for generations.  For those very few people who have not gotten the opportunity to view this golden nugget of pop culture, this movie is about a man's pursuit of the woman he loves. Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) is the prince of the fictional African country, Zamunda, and he comes to NYC, disguised as a foreign student, to find a wife that will love him for him. While working at the fast food restaurant, McDowells, he meets the owners daughter Lisa (Shari Headley) and falls in love. Throughout the movie he pursues her to win her heart and eventually....they get married.

Besides the plot, the gorgeous wedding scenes are something to admire.  From the feather-clad dancers to Lisa's fashion-forward pink wedding gown, this movie has elements to admire for an African-inspired celebration. 


Coming to America

Picture 13

A Coming to America-inspired wedding doesn't necessarily need to have the look of Prince Akeem's extravagant nuptials (although it would be a dream...), but elements of some stand-out scenes can certainly inspire a romantic pared down version.


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