Thursday, January 9, 2014

8 Unconventional Ceremony Venues

So...everyone wants to have a very special wedding right down to their venue selections. A venue can be transformed to highlight the couple's personality and shared experiences. But have you thought about taking the road (or bridge ... literally) less traveled? What about having your ceremony at an offbeat yet ultra cool location that few dare to consider. Check out these unconventional venues...

1) Old Bridge

Using an old bridge for your ceremony is definitely a movie quality element. Even though an abandoned bridge may be hard to find in a big city, small town brides can take advantage of local bridges or other unique historical sites that add small town charm to their wedding.


2) Game Reserve

This venue is definitely for the adventurous or the animal-lover couple. Seeing rinos, elephants, lions or [insert wild animal here], grazing behind you as you say your vows is a memorable sight to see for both you and your guest.

#South #Africa #Field Nature preserve wedding

3) Treehouse

This venues brings back the memory of your secret hiding place as a child. However, this treehouse has gotten an upgrade.  Not only can you get lost in this rustic beauty, but you can fit your wedding party and your guests so they can get lost in your love too.

treehouse + wedding = sigh...

4) Racetrack

Fancy events like the Kentucky Derby are held at a racetrack, why not your ceremony. If you are an equestrian at heart or can appreciate the sport than consider a racetrack as a unique option.  The track is big enough to construct your altar and you do not have to worry about guest seating because they can sit in the bleacher.

A harness racetrack wedding! Style Me Pretty | Gallery | Picture | #339342

5) Amusement Park

I have seen couples taking engagement photos and even before-ceremony photos at amusement parks, but have you seen couples actually taking their vows in the park. This is for the fun and young-at-heart couple or the nostalgic couple that wants to re-create their first date or favorite childhood past-time. Make sure to get a roller-coaster shot.

Wedding in front of the Cyclone, back when it was part of Astroland (Coney Island, amusement park, roller coaster)

6) Swimming Pool

What do you do with an empty swimming pool? Have a wedding ceremony...what else! An un-commissioned pool would be great for a retro-inspired wedding. An Olympic-size pool can fit both your ceremony and your reception for an all-in-one venue that is friendly to your budget. And because this venue is so unconventional, rental fees may be very reasonable. Plus, there may be many date options too.

7) Apple Orchard

The alternative to a vineyard. If you want that outdoorsy fruit (yes, my description for feel, but you do not live close to one or you are not willing to travel...try an orchard. It has the same intimate feel and would be a beautiful location for photos.

Virginia Apple Orchard Wedding | Cramer Photo

8) Firehouse

A firehouse wedding...why not? The interiors are generally pretty spacious to house the big fire trucks, so you can have a pretty sizable guest list. Also, their exteriors are usually well maintained, which is great for city-inspired photos. Cudos if you are marrying a firefighter, because you may get the venue for free, a husband who is physically fit and honorable. Score for your three in one!


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