Monday, December 16, 2013

Groomspiration: Justin's Proposal Video

Okay, okay...I know I'm late, seeing that over seven million people have watched this video or the few that have love it so much that it's on constant rotation on their playlist {I really don't know where I have been..}. But when I saw this video the other day... I was captured! I was up 'till two in the morning on a weekday shedding tears and laughing simultaneously while watching this video. This proposal video embodied everything a good healthy relationship needs to grow... the support of family and friends, humility, humor, action, spontaneity, thoughtfulness, affection and LOVE.

Of course not every groom is a film director and can make a proposal film for his bride, but they can be thoughtful and go the extra mile. Justin proposed at the same place they had their first date, he brought her mom from what seemed like a far away place to witness the moment and he incorporated his family and friends in the scenes. Most brides don't want an elaborate production, they just want sincerity and thoughtfulness. They want to feel loved and feel like they are saying yes to the best decision of their life. Gents...the fact that they love you takes care of half the battle, but take the proposal a step further beyond just getting down on one knee in [insert typical vacation spot here], it's been done. Get creative and do something unexpected. It would be a great start to your marriage.

This video is a lengthy one, so press pause... get some hot chocolate and get cozy. Grooms take note and be inspired!

~ Stay Sweet

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