Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Naughty Bits Brownies!

When Leigh Lambert, owner of Naughty Bits Brownies contacted us and asked if she could send us samples of her tasty treats, I was super excited and ready to taste test some of these sinful sweets! I instantly loved the catchy company name and immediately thought about how our clients can incorporate these decadent desserts in their respective events!

When the shipment of brownies arrived, I was blown away by the creativity of both the flavors and the fun, colorful packaging. Leigh sent me all 6 brownies to try and each one was more delicious and unique than the next! The package consisted of the "Man Catcher", "Geisha Girl", "Living in Sin", "Barista Bar", "Cabana Banana Boy" and finally "The Shiksa". SIX, delicious and hefty brownies for me to taste and indulge in?! I was in heaven!

The "Man Catcher" and "Living in Sin", are Leigh's more traditional brownie flavors and would be perfect as a wedding favor for the chocolate loving couple! The peanuts in the "Living in Sin" Brownie, provide a perfectly salty balance to the sweet, chocolate flavor and the "Man Catcher" has got to be one of the best "plain" brownies I have ever tasted! The "Barista Bar" with its rich espresso flavor would be a perfect addition to any dessert bar and will definitely be a favorite of coffee lovers everywhere!

The 2 brownies that really excited me were the "Shiksa" and the "Geisha Girl" because of their unique savory components. The "Shiksa" combines the ever popular bacon with chocolate and toffee bits for an extremely pleasant sweet v. salty flavor profile, and the "Geisha Girl" fused chocolate, wasabi and ginger for a delightfully spicy component to an otherwise traditional dessert.

The "Cabana Banana Boy" was the final brownie that I tried and let's just say, that I am glad I saved the best for last! This brownie was everything I could have hoped for and more. A perfect mix of chocolate, dried bananas, toasted coconut and salty macadamia nuts made what I consider the ultimate dessert! I basically ate this entire brownie alone, and if you saw the size of these things, you would definitely judge me.  I honestly could not get enough!

Although I could spend hours describing the deliciousness of this one brownie, let me spare your the gluttonous details and make a simple recommendation. If you love chocolate, sweets, and fun, please, do yourself a favor and contact Leigh at Naughty Bits Brownies and see if she can provide dessert for your next event! The individually packaged sweets can be personalized and customized (or not) and will serve as fantastic favors for your next wedding, bridal shower, or birthday party!

Thank you Leigh, for letting us try these brownies and thank you even more for creating my new favorite dessert...the Cabana Banana Boy!

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  1. I happen to be a big fan of those brownies too.


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