Monday, June 25, 2012

Eyewonder Photography: Into the Mind of Two Geniuses

So, we are dedicating this lovely Monday afternoon to two of DC's most talented photographers. Meet Kristiaan and Lionel, the founders of Eyewonder Photography. (No, they are not models, they're just that cute.)

I am designing a killer style shoot with these two, and Lisa from Petals and Promises,  and it's such an honor, because I know the photos we get out of this shoot are going to be amazing, and Lisa designs for the Holly Chapple Designers, so we know the florals will be insane.

Let's learn a little bit about this daring duo!--- (I know that whole 'dynamic duo' thing is so over used and 'daring duo' may sound like stunt people but at least it's original lol!)

Anyhoo----Lionel made us some Mimosas and Crepes---with some kind of home-made blueberry jam--- and I asked them some questions, check it out:

 Me: When did you each fall in love with photography?

Lionel: As a kid I remember my dad showing me portraits of my mom he took with candle light; between that time and when I met Kristiaan I had an obsession with photographing everything.

Kristiaan: My older brother took a photography class in high school and I was completely intrigued. A few years later, I took a high school photography class and believe or not, I failed! Still, I carried my obsession forward and it took shape when I began traveling.

Me: What is the most important shot on someone's wedding day/ your favorite shot to get?

Lionel and Kristiaan: We are happy if we capture strong emotion throughout the day (whether it’s tears, laughter, affection…) along with an epic, artistic portrait of our couple.

Me: What are three things each bride needs to know before hiring a photographer?

Lionel and Kristiaan:
One: Time is a HUGE factor (build enough in for getting ready, pictures, and extra time in case anything/anyone runs late).
Two: Find out how many weddings your photographer is shooting each year – is it a wedding photography factory that captures the same shots every weekend, or a boutique that offers a more connected, creative experience?
Three: Make sure you do an engagement session so you can get comfortable with your photographer (and being photographed) before your wedding.

Me: There are a million photographers in DC (and counting, because some people thinking camera = photographer.) What makes Eyewonder different/unique?

Lionel and Kristiaan: Besides offering unlimited hours on the wedding day, we are two principal photographers (vs. a principal + an assistant) who can each bring a strong perspective to capturing images. As a couple, I think we are also able to enjoy our work more which helps us maintain a passion for what we do. We find it easy to connect with our clients in a personal way that makes the experience fun for everyone.

Me: (Mimosa starting to kick in) If you could be an animal, which would you each be?

Lionel: A pterodactyl, why? Why not?

Kristiaan: I would be our dog Luna – who is cuter and more loved??

Me: Your favorite restaurant in DC?

Lionel and Kristiaan: Zaytinya, but really how can you have 1 favorite??!

My two cents:

If you hire Eyewonder, you will really see what makes them so special. It's all about the personal touches they put into their clients (which I cannot really talk because they are such great surprises!!) ----but most of all, it's the personality; you might make two new friends. Check out a few shots of their work! :

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