Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hats a lady must have!

Ok, so I think I have a new Hat Obsession----only after a series (and I mean a long series) ---of days where I didn't have time to style my locks the way I should, and I shoved it up under this grunge -looking wool hat that I let sag just a little so my hair sticks out as if that were an intentional style---and according to the teenagers, it IS thank you very much!

Look what the heck I just stumbled upon. I am in LOVE!!! These hats are soooo my wanna-be an old hollywood starlet style and I want all of these in my closet on little hooks immediately. Too bad I missed Santa, but I can pretend it's my birthday if I have any takers----just saying!

Buy one At Behidadolic for a total swoon factor this winter! This is what you get when you truly master an art. Her hats are to die for.

I would totally suggest this for one of my winter brides, with a funky birdcage veil----it would look stunning!  BTW if the model is the designer, she is hot , and selling the heck out of these lovelies for me:)

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