Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meet the Team:)

Hehe. I start this off with a snicker because when I say "look at the chalkboard wall behind you as if your name is there and smile"----I get frowns, dirty looks, or fits of girlish, uncontrollable laughter as each member of the growing team DIYva takes their turn sitting in my daughter's room on her toy-locker thing and poses. In the end, everyone EXCEPT me got a good shot looking at the wall.  Go figure.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce my amazing team. I love them. (I am missing two photos; our Graphic Designer Laura, and our PR Consultant, Caroline)

Special thanks to Skye Media Photography for the GREAT images we ended up with. They will be on our new website, launching in the Spring. (alongside the stationery site.)---stay tuned! 


  1. Look at you lovelies.....growing by leaps and bounds. So good to see. I like many others (there I go speaking for all your fans) look forward to seeing your group continue to grow.

    GOD is good. Stay blessed!

  2. Beautiful pic. Looks like an awesome team!


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