Monday, November 14, 2011

Acrylic Wedding Stationery

A hot trend that our wonderful intern, Lauren pointed out to me was acrylic block printing being used for items such as menus, place-cards, and invitations. I loved it instantly being the artist that I am, but I was like-----well what do you do with it afterward? I, as a guest, could care less a year later what I scarfed down at your wedding (greedily and with haste while everyone else was dancing and my date was distracted)-----so why would I want a heavy acrylic block menu?

Invitations, maybe. If you are a very close friend I would keep your 'plaque' of recognition reminding me of your special day----Under my bed, dusty. (But I do love you.)
Bottom line is, I question their usefulness and 'greenness' BUT these are HOT. I cannot deny it. I am totally looking for a cool way to do these greener-----maybe use recycled plastic and make it thinner? I've been ALL OVER printing methods these last months and I just learned the letterpress and found a place to print----watch out now!!!

via Wedding Wire

via Poptastic Bride

via Engraved Solutions

Via Forgetmeknot Weddings Blog
Via Forgetmeknot Weddings Blog


  1. Wow that is a cute idea! Probably not for the bride on a budget..haha.

  2. They can range from $15 - $25 per invite! :)


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