Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tip of the Day: How to Save Money on Centerpieces

Face it, everyone loves fresh flowers. They are beautiful, delicate and add so much to decor. Centerpieces are often the premier decor item on an otherwise bland table scape and flowers are usually the main ingredient. As beautiful as they are, flowers can also get extremely expensive. Depending on seasons, your preferences and the number of guests attending, you could end up spending thousands on fresh flowers alone.
Short of DIY-ing your own centerpieces (which we don't recommend), or forgoing flowers all together, it's very difficult to get elegant looking table decor, without spending an arm and a leg. Unless of course, you opt for Baby's breath. Yup, baby's breath, that filler in bouquets that makes it look like your significant other spent more on that bunch of flowers that he secretly bought at Costco than he actually did, is now being made to create beautiful, elegant centerpieces and I absolutely LOVE them!
Check some of these out...

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