Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vintage Typewriters.....

Ok so I was on a MAD QUEST for a typewriter a few days ago. Seriously I was almost panting over here at 1:00 AM. I am in a crunch. Wedding next weekend, and my client wants a WORKING clean vintage typewriter. Basically mission impossible for less than say, about $500.00.  This is what I want:

I came across a really great little shop in Brooklyn, owned by two cool chicks. They sell and rent out fully operational typewriters, newish and old. If I were any closer to Brooklyn I would have rented one from them, but they did offer us a great price, so I wanted to let you all know about them. BKWritingMachines is their online shop.

Obviously there is a lack of REALLY COOL vintage props in the DC area......hmmmm.....hehe.


  1. How are you using the typewriter? Guest book? Notes to the couple? Do tell...

  2. Can you not get the one I lent you to work? What a headache! I'm sorry! Oh wait, I have a friend that has a working one... let's talk tomorow

  3. We are using it on the guest sign-in table....for them to type a sweet note to the couple....:)


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