Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Knot Networking Party:)

Still jet-lagged from my trip to LA on Oscar weekend, I threw on some make-up and a has-been dress and drove into the city to attend the Knot vendor networking party. (Hey, all you had to tell me was that they took over an entire baseball field)

It was FULL of swag, and Katie Martin from Eco-Beautiful Weddings had everything to do with it. I went solo, and headed straight for the bar like you do when you have severe social anxiety. ( hehe ) ---and then I ran into a group of ladies (one of which I knew already as my new BFF Photographer Michelle Evantine...) and we had a great time. Us + Photobooth = YOU NEVER KNOW.

Oh! THERE WAS A CUPCAKE BAR (of which I indulged in an undisclosed amount, even though there were tables full of delicious food from the best area caterers.) Can you tell we were the life of the party?!?! Some posts coming soon about my talented coterie below!!


  1. Superman IV loves this blog posting.

  2. Don't you look cute!

  3. IT was SOOOO fun! Any party that you walk into sugar instant hit! You looked so hot!


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