Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashion Friday

Good Afternoon! I want to start off by introducing myself.  I am Emily Cornette and I have a shopping addiction! In all seriousness I do love to shop because I am very passionate about fashion and personal style.  I recently began writing for the Examiner on Baltimore Fashion Trends and I was lucky enough to score a gig posting about my favorite outfit ideas here.  I am hoping to impart some good, cooky, fun ideas for dressing up, down and everything inbetween. 

For my first post I was thinking about what to write about when it hit me...What is a good outfit to wear to work on a friday in January that will take you to happy hour and beyond all while keeping you somewhat warm (we all know fashion comes first, comfort comes second!)?

Here is my idea: adorable skinny jeans with a pattern blouse (you will learn that I love a good pattern and lots of color) and a faux fur trim coat (I am full on obsessed with fur trim) and of course hot heels. 

Enjoy your Friday and keep warm (somewhat)!

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