Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Black Girls Rock! --Celebrating African American Women

So.......this past weekend I snuck my sister-in-law's Garrett Popcorn (from Chicago) from her kitchen and crash landed on the couch (way too close to the screen because I didn't have my glasses) ---to watch Black Girls Rock! , an awards ceremony celebrating the great accomplishments of black women. This was certainly long over-due; as women in general could use a little more celebration ---for any given reason at all. (Note to husband; bojangle, please.)

The performances were numbingly great, I mean can you beat Jill Scott, Marsha Ambrosia, and Kelly Price belting out tunes together? Throw in Ledisi and you have an ear-gasm so profound you could slap your mama! (I simply slapped the nearest kid.) Its like, now Patti LaBelle, Tina Marie, and Stephanie Mills can rest their weary voices and pass the talent baton to these ladies.

Anywhooooo....I wanted to share with you someone who was also celebrated during this event, someone  I know personally, and feel deeply inspired by. Millicent D.West, Director of Homeland Security for DC. ---(Haha! I found HER BGR video below.) She is one down to earth, intelligent, and accomplished woman, and also a pioneer: being the youngest person to ever serve on the Executive Board of the Youth Missionary Society of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. (Yeah, try to say or even READ that swiftly. Fail.) -But at least I know a little bit of my history without having to google it: that long-winded jammy was the FIRST African American established church body, sometime right after slavery ended. 
Fenty knew what he was doing when he elected Millicent to serve as the Head of Homeland Security; she is one tough cookie. (And she's pretty, too. Most tough cookies look, well, rather tough.)

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