Friday, October 8, 2010

Fashion Friday: Handmade Beaded Jewelry from Beaddles!!

Being that it is a Friday and we enjoy dedicating our Fridays to Fashion, we wanted to incorporate the continuation of thanking our amazing Launch party sponsors with a post about some fashion forward jewelry, handmade from none other than one of our Launch Party sponsors!
When Karen from Beaddles, responded to our request for product donations for our awesome swag bags, we were really excited to work with her for a few reason: 1. We love anything (o.k. MOST anything) handmade 2. We love jewelry and 3. We love making connections with businesses we would consider buying from/utilizing ourselves!
Beaddles uses, well, beads to make beautiful, handmade, unique jewelry for women and has pieces for every occasion. Below are some of our faves:
I would totally wear this to a wedding, or more formal function with a low-ish neckline!

This is an awesomely funky every day piece! LOVE!

Visit her ETSY site where she sells her handmade creations at affordable prices and decide for yourself which ones you like best!!
Thanks again Karen, for your generous donation! They were a wonderful addition to the Swag bags!!


  1. Amazing piece of jewelry, which i had newer seen before. I saw your collection of your jewelry in esty shop, they are wonderful.

  2. This jewelry is beautiful, great article. I have some beaded necklaces that I made pictured on my website.


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